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We must admit that becoming heliophiles is not our thing. Sunny and summer will be two words that are so avoidable. But, proclaiming ourselves as summer foes sounds a bit wishy-washy. When it comes to connecting summer, beach should be the most possible thing we can conjure. Though sunny days may not seem to be friendly enough to our skin, it is immensely undeniable that we are in need to some beach time. Yeah! Everyone needs beach time! (Are you with us? ). Besides, the deepest longing to seaside never fails to make us befriend again and again with summer. This time, our short journey seemed quite surreal as we managed to drop by Julia Roberts’ movie set during Eat, Pray, and Love. Shall we begin the tale?

Padang-Padang beach (Eat, Pray, Love filming location) is located in Jalan Labuan Sait, Pecatu Village, Bali. We headed to Padang-padang beach by car. Though it took some time to arrive in Pecatu area, our eyes were pleased by nice surroundings in where several local cafes stretched along on the left and right sides. We finally got to the entrance and parking lot after few minutes. The parking lot was not really packed that day. It seemed easy to simply find one spacious spot. We, then, pulled over and got ready to wander off the main beach.

Our adrenaline started pumping as the way down to the beach was nail-biting. Unlike other beaches, Padang-Padang beach is exactly invisible from the entrance gate. Each of visitors has to go down narrow and quite dark cave with stairs. As the only pathway leading to Padang-Padang beach is too narrow, all visitors are expected to take turn whenever they want to go through the cave.

At that time, a bunch of visitors including us had to take turn in order to pass through the cave. We could sense that the stairs were somewhat slippery. Therefore, wearing cross-strap flat sandals seemed to likely help us in minimizing the risk of getting slipped. The sandals were indeed helpful. Our feeling was nothing but truly thankful for not getting slipped. When we eventually reached halfway there to the seashore, we realized it was where all the unexplainable things started.

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Making step by step closer to the main beach, it was truly a tranquil atmosphere as we witnessed our very first footprints in sand. No sooner had we arrived in the beach, sunbathers and surfers were indisputably here and there. People set up their beach blankets and frolicked. Besides, the more we strolled on down the seashore, the more beach umbrellas completed everyone’s beach vibe.

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We were able to feel how the summer breeze touched our skin as if the ocean was calling us to come closer. Not only did the breeze touch our skin, but it also brushed a strand of our mid-length hair unhurriedly. Huge rock cliffs and trees encircled the seashore as if our eyes were locked to stare breathlessly and exceptionally at the beaming sky above us. Furthermore, combination of baby-blue and white nimbus was sort of purposely painted and displayed to camouflage that summer was not as hot as the sunshine. Again, we got captivated. It had been more than indescribable for us when paddling in the sea. We cooled down. We let our ankles wet as the crystal clear water soaked our feet.

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At the end of this short sojourn, we did nothing but gasped for breath, so deep. Summer and beach were downright perfect and mesmeric. Despite of effort and bad sunburn, we would love to call this moment worth all the sweat 🙂

LOCATION    : Padang-Padang Beach (Jalan Labuan Sait, Pecatu Village, Bali)
FEE (TICKET): different between foreign tourists and local citizens




Daunting was undoubtedly the precise word to portray this short trip to Bali. We started the summer sojourn from western part of Bali, which was Kuta beach. Unmistakably, Kuta beach, a famous spot for surfing galore, was one of must-to-visit beaches among our long lists. But, our trip to Kuta would be somewhat different this time. No sand castle was about to be built. Also, we were not going to go on a walk barefoot along the seafront. It was all about the sundown that kept us enthusiastic yet nervy. It took approximately one or one and half hour to arrive by car from our location. While we were heading to the Kuta beach, we dreaded to think how to not miss the moment. To be frank, it truly took a lot of nerve to imagine how astounding the sunset would be. Then, after few hours of driving, we finally got to Kuta beach area. The street was little bit jammed with visitors, cars, and motorcycles. It obviously needed some time to be on time. Moreover, we assumed no car could get possibly parked around or in front of the entrance of Kuta Beach. In fact, if you went to Kuta beach by motorcycle, you would be truly relieved as the parking lot was available for motorcycles only. Besides, we eventually parked the car inside the Beachwalk, a shopping mall across the Kuta beach. The moment of waiting was not simply over. Knowing that the sunset in Indonesia occurred around 5.45 P.M to 6.00 P.M, we seemed to be arriving around two hours earlier. Strolling around Beachwalk was the effortless thing we opted to spend time after all.

Speaking of Beachwalk, there were actually so lots of things to see inside. It was sort of typical shopping mall around the world with the H&M, Mango, Burger King and other famous brands as well as restaurants. However, stopping by several stores, sipping Thai Tea, and playing in the amusement arcades center were likely our thing to kill the boredom. Nothing was much better for us than wandering off as total loners. Incredulously, clock was ticking. Realizing only few minutes left to the sunset, we kind of scurried to the Kuta beach.


At Kuta, the sound of the crowd was literally everywhere. At the same time, there were a bunch of people shouting, running, and energetically waiting for the evening to come. Some people were sitting on the several seats set up along the beach. Some were merely lazing around or crossing their legs on the sand. On the other hand, we were just standing up since the seats apparently were costly (rented).




Time kept running. When we looked up to the sky, the colors steadily changed into different shades. Azure-colored sky dissipated as if the dusty-like-marshmallow clouds took over the whole view. The white-ashen clouds started to appear in slow motion. We unwittingly cracked a smile whilst the sunset was eventually looming. Again, it drove us lively. All we could do was to snap away every single breath-taking moment of the eventide. No way did we ever think of moving back and forth because we completely had been so preoccupied to capture everything. Sundown was somehow able to disappear in the blink of an eye. Therefore, we called it serendipity for this lovely chance. Indeed, the gracious yet short moment absolutely made our day as the quote below:

“Sunsets are proof that no matter what happens, everyday can end beautifully” – Kristen Butler 

Yes, we ended the journey beautifully and kissed the sun goodbye to let it dip below the horizon.

Location : Kuta Beach, Bali (Free Entry)

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